When I became the custodian of ‘Bertie’, my 1929  vintage Austin 12/4 ‘Open Road’ Tourer, I was surprised by just how little information is readily available to tell new enthusiasts, such as myself, about the wonderful vehicles they are privileged to own and drive.  Certainly there is information to be had if one has the time and inclination to spend hours ‘Googling’ one’s life away, but few (or to be more precise, none) of the on-line resources I managed to find give an adequate introduction to the subject or provide a comprehensive insight into the range of things that the new or aspiring vintage Austin 12/16/20 owner may want to know.     That brought me swiftly to the conclusion that there may be a need for a website just such as this.

The aim of this site is to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for owners of all the vintage 12, 16 and 20hp models built between 1919 and the early 30s.  I have absolutely nothing against the ‘Seven’ but the lucky owners of those wonderful cars will find that there are already many excellent websites out there just crammed with invaluable information, and I see no point in duplicating what already exists.

I should make it plain that my own knowledge of vintage Austins is meagre, and has almost entirely been gained from the reading and research that I have done over the past few months.  But (or so I’ve reasoned) there must be hundreds if not thousands of kindred souls out there who have accumulated extensive knowledge and understanding of the vintage Austin 12 and its close cousins over a period of years, and who will hopefully be willing to share that invaluable resource with us ‘newbies’.    Only time will tell – if this website is still here and flourishing in a year’s time then perhaps I’ve judged things correctly.  If not – well, it’s only my time wasted!

As with all such websites, however, this site will only flourish and grow if it is used and if those users contribute their knowledge, or indeed ask their questions, in a spirit of generosity.

Someone once advised me to ‘never introduce yourself with an apology’.  Sound advice, but on this occasion I’m going to ignore it.  Virtually all of the information to be found on this site has come from elsewhere on the ‘web’ or been taken from old magazines and the like.  It follows that some of the material will have been  ‘borrowed’ and, although I will most certainly attempt to contact and gain permission from those who I believe to be the rightful owners, someone out there may feel aggrieved that their ‘copyright’ has been trampled upon.  If anyone finds themselves in this position they should contact me for an apology and hopefully a discussion about how we can best resolve the situation.

A resource for owners of the 'unbreakable' Austin