Maintenance and Repair

Unfortunately ‘Haynes Workshop Manuals’ weren’t available when these vintage Austins first saw the light of day and as a result I’ve struggled to find decent material explaining how to set about some of the aspects of maintenance and repair that are an inevitable consequence of owning one of these great vehicles.  My personal experience is that some marques and models are very well catered for (the Austin 7 is a case in point), but the vintage Austin 12/16/20 seems to have been largely ignored when it comes to making information available on the web.

Copies of the Owner’s Handbook and Spare Parts Lists can be obtained quite easily (see my Downloads page for a small selection) and these provide a useful reference for some of some of the more routine maintenance tasks; but for the average mechanic (and I’m a very average mechanic!) having more detailed guidance available can be a necessary prerequisite before setting about more complicated work.  Hopefully the following material will be of some use to fellow enthusiasts.  Please note that all downloads are in PDF format – click on the link to download the file.

If you happen to have similar information that you think may be helpful to other Austin owners please e-mail it to me and I’ll put it up here for everyone to appreciate.

A resource for owners of the 'unbreakable' Austin